Although we had to wait a few years due to MGM’s delay, audiences finally got a taste of Drew Goddard‘s directorial talents with 2012’s well-crafted, sharp horror film The Cabin in the Woods. As the career of his co-writer and producer Joss Whedon skyrockets thanks to Marvel, we’ve been patiently awaiting news on what Goddard will be doing next and tonight we’ve got an update.

According to The Wrap, he has been set by Fox to write and direct an adaptation of Andy Weir‘s The Martian. Following an astronaut who lands on Mars but soon finds himself stranded and in order to survive, he must figure out a way to return to Earth. The source material has been compared to both Apollo 13 and Cast Away, but one may intially think of Alfonso Cuaron‘s upcoming Gravity.

While that film sees our lead drifting to through space after a mishap at her station, it’s said to actually be much different than this production in question. Goddard is a major emerging talent in the genre field, so let’s hope this project comes together rather quickly — and even if it isn’t related to WB’s upcoming space epic, on the possibility that film is a hit, we’d expect it wouldn’t hurt The Martian‘s chances of getting made.

Would you like to see Goddard take this on next?

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