Considering the unfortunate manner in which his 2012 unfolded, it might be for Taylor Kitsch‘s own good when he does a non-blockbuster project. But maybe that’s just me.

According to Variety, he and Brendan Gleeson are already shooting Grand Seduction, an English-language remake of the 2003 French hit Seducing Doctor Lewis. Don McKellar will be directing, with the script coming from the original writer, Ken Scott — who, up until late April, was going to helm — and Michael Dowse; Canadian character actors Gordon Pinsent, Mary Walsh, Liane Balaban, and Cathy Jones are all co-starring. And they’re getting to work this very day!

Like the original, this Grand Seduction takes place in “a small harbor town which needs a doctor so that it can land a contract to secure a factory.” One citizen (Gleeson) takes it upon himself to get the doctor, while the rest of this community devise various strategies that should encourage their new resident to stay for good.

A much smaller kind of deal for Kitsch — probably what Gleeson is attracted to by this point, actually — that could make for a nice recalibration of sorts. Grand Seduction, on its own, sounds perfectly pleasant, too; I’m a sucker for the Canadian countryside (this is not a joke), so the Newfoundland photography ought to make a nice impression.

Is this ensemble enough to generate hope for Grand Seduction? Have you seen the original?

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