And, with this, I think Brad Pitt and Andrew Dominik are set for life.

A few weeks after their second collaboration, Killing Them Softly, hit Cannes — and, in case you’d like to know, about three months before it comes our way — it’s been announced that Pitt will produce (and possibly appear in) Dominik‘s recently-rekindled, “emotional nightmare fairy-tale type” Marilyn Monroe biopic, Blonde. [24Frames]

Although it had been all quiet on this front for some two years, discussions at Cannes led the helmer to state that he wanted it to be his next outing — and that, with some obstacles being overcome, the film might even go before cameras next year. One could reasonably go ahead and think that Plan B Entertainment’s support will create the forward momentum we’ve otherwise missed — Pitt was confident enough to say “[w]e’re going to get this one done” — especially since it’s reported that “some new financing possibilities” are now entering the picture. (The chance that he’ll make an onscreen appearance doesn’t hurt, either.)

Yet this big, encouraging development comes with just a spot of trouble: While Naomi Watts had been on board Blonde since its inception a couple of years ago, “it’s unclear at this point if the filmmakers would continue in that direction.” Which doesn’t mean she’s out — just that successful people get new opportunities over the course of a few years, and can’t necessarily turn those down in favor of projects that have been in limbo since 2010. Being personally interested in her interpretation, I’d like to think that, if a shooting schedule can be locked down, Watts will have the sufficient time and interest to make Blonde one of her next outings. Should that not be the case, then I, like everyone else, can only hope the restarted search will bring forth someone with the right bravado to do the part justice.

Will Blonde go forward, now that Pitt is involved? Do you want it to?

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