Their relatively divergent career paths would’ve hardly suggested a reunion for Interview with the Vampire‘s Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, and I’m only all the more surprised that it may actually happen on account of Joseph Kosinski: according to THR, the Oblivion helmer has requested that latter star’s participation in Go Like Hell — a racing picture which he and the former are looking to make their second collaboration — with a screenplay from John-Henry and Jez Butterworth (as based on A.J. Baime‘s non-fiction account) currently occupying at least some part of his busy schedule.

The title, once in the hands of Michael Mann, is a period drama centered on Ford and Ferrari’s competitive bid to release their products onto the European racing market during the ’60s, its particular centerpiece being the Le Mans race of 1966. One side of this conflict was led by Carroll Shelby (who Cruise is tapped to portray), while the other was under the command of Enzo Ferrari — but that’s not necessarily who Pitt will portray, given that the Italian designer was into his ’60s when these events took place. (In contrast, the actor only turned 50 yesterday.) Could Henry Ford II or Lee Iacocca be in his future? Only time (and proper contract negotiations) will tell.

And then there’s Pan, a (how do I type this without putting sharp things in my ears) Peter Pan origin story that Joe Wright has been attached to direct since November. In the time since, one star has become likely to board: Hugh Jackman, who Variety peg as WB’s main choice (after a pass from Javier Bardem) for this iteration’s own version of Blackbeard — yes, Blackbeard, though the more traditional antagonist is still involved. As scripted by Jason Fuchs, the story sees Captain Hook act as “Pan’s close ally before turning bad,” however that might actually work.

How the rest works, narratively, is for them to conjure and for us to discover in about 18 months’ time. Before long, expect the central role to land in the hands of an unknown, and for Pan to open on June 26, 2015.

Are you enticed by the prospect of a Pitt-Cruise pairing in Go Like Hell? What do you think of Jackman taking on a pirate role for Pan?

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