If you’re going to keep track of Ben Wheatley — and many enjoy his work enough to, as it were, keep track — much mental juggling becomes a necessity. After his third picture, Sightseers, premiered at Cannes (but has yet to come around theatrically), the English helmer has basically launched himself right from that effort to the psychedelic Civil War movie A Field in England, showing at once a passion for moving quickly and in entirely different directions.

Things get even more disparate in their lack of consistency with a stop-motion movie called Megaevilmotherfuckers, which had been announced over a year ago, but when you’re debuting one movie as shooting is about to begin on the other, things have to fall to the wayside for even just a tiny amount of time. However, speaking to MSN (via ThePlaylist), Wheatley made it sound as if that’s not only still in the cards, but actually going along and getting completed, as he put it, “underneath the other projects.” It was a month ago, at the time of that interview, when the screenplay stood at about half-written, while the animation process — what could either prove to be stop-motion or, as first indicated, claymation — has been discussed with a few of the minds (i.e., animation departments) responsible for Fantastic Mr. Fox and Frankenweenie. For all we know, things have moved even further in the time since.

This “really, really violent [and] funny” story centers on a prisoner whose superpowers allows him to attain revenge on those who tormented him in the system. (Not much else is available, yet not much else needs to be said.) Also standing is Freakshift and I, Macrobane; the latter is expected to shoot this year, work on which is expected to put him out of commission — i.e., impede movement on the latter — for about two years. Although Wheatley can work at a truly commendable clip, the “massive” post-production process is a killer.

Do Wheatley’s ambitions with Megaevilmotherfuckers strike you as a good use of time?

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