Despite the fact that Harlan Coben is an American author whose books are primarily published in his home country, the film adaptation of his novel Tell No One was made and first released in France. There’s been word of a U.S. remake since it was released in 2008, with Jesse James helmer Andrew Dominik being rumored at one point to do the remake, but he’s since moved on to Cogan’s Trade. Now, Deadline tells us that a director has been found, and it’s someone to get excited about.

It’s none other than Ben Affleck, who handled a missing person’s story exceptionally well in his feature debut, Gone Baby Gone. Being handled by Warner Bros. and Universal, the script is by Chris Terrio; he wrote Argo, the upcoming hostage thriller that Affleck will be directing next. The original was helmed by Guillaume Canet, and it seems like he has something to live up to.

But I think he can. His talent as a director is something that is pretty difficult to ignore, so they seem to have made a really good choice here. Even with something like The Town – a movie I didn’t care for – his skill for crafting a story sets himself apart from so many other people in the industry. He’s a true filmmaker, and one who I want to see grow and evolve, and a twisty thriller like this could allow that. Being the schmuck that I am, I still haven’t gotten around to seeing the original Tell No One, so any objections about a remake are not sentiments that I share (at least for now). Really, I’m just looking forward to Affleck handling another mystery; Lord knows he did it well his first time around.

Here’s a synopsis of the novel, from Amazon:

“David Beck has rebuilt his life since his wife’s murder eight years ago, finishing medical school and establishing himself as a pediatrician, but he’s never forgotten the woman he fell in love with in second grade. And when a mysterious e-mail arrives on the anniversary of their first kiss, with a message and an image that leads him to wonder whether Elizabeth might still be alive, Beck will stop at nothing to find the truth that’s eluded him for so many years. A powerful billionaire is equally determined to make sure his role in her disappearance never comes to light, even if it means destroying an innocent man.”

Have you seen or read Tell No One, and how do you feel about Affleck directing the American remake?

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