Andrea Riseborough‘s only been “on the scene” for, say, two years, but that less-than-24-month period has brought a good deal of work — almost exclusively in very British productions like Never Let Me Go, Brighton Rock, W.E., along with this year’s Shadow Dancer and Welcome to the Punch. (I am aware that two of the filmmakers involved in those projects are not, in fact, British. You still know what I mean.) As per usual, however, she’s also started to migrate toward American cinema bit by bit. On the big, loud scale, we can soon see her in the Tom Cruise-led sci-fi spectacle Oblivion; now, on the other end, The Daily Mail (via ThePlaylist) report that she has August: Osage County on the docket.

Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts have already been locked to star, while John Wells (The Company Men) is adapting Tracy Letts‘ acclaimed play for producers George Clooney and Grant Heslov. (Such credentials!) First, a basic rundown: August follows a reunion of the Weston family, who “come to terms with various resentments and secrets” upon converging after the disappearance of their father, Beverly. Streep is bidding for another Oscar as Violet, the belligerent mother; Roberts will play the oldest daughter, Barbara; and Riseborough factors in by playing the youngest daughter, Karen, an engaged woman whose primary concerns center on an upcoming wedding.

A quick read-through of the Wikipedia synopsis — what else should I use, really? — indicates that Karen is a role both decently-sized and with plenty of “dramatic” scenes at its disposal. Seeing as The Weinstein Company have already positioned August as a huge awards contender for next year (this nonsense never ends), might Riseborough have some statues coming her way? Only time will tell, but, in the film’s own favor, they’ve found someone who should hold her own against two big-time leads when all the screaming and confessions start to pour in.

August: Osage County will begin shooting in the fall and open in late 2013.

What do you think of this addition? Is she a worthy onscreen partner to Streep and Roberts?

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