UPDATED: It seems like Vulture was either lying or wrong, but most of what I’ve written below is not true. According to Collider, the Senior Vice President of 20th Century Fox’s Corporate Communications tweeted that it is in fact one movie, but the casting rumors of Fassbender and Yeoh (as I discuss below) are, in the words of a source close to the film who talked to ThePlaylist, “just plain wrong.”  You can find the previous information below, and if FOX is just trying to cover up some casting announcements, etc. then it may ring true. For now, we know the film is not delayed and only a single one is planned. That is all.

As for you, Vulture, I ain’t a-sayin’ you treated me unkind, you coulda’ done better, but, I don’t mind. You just kinda’ wasted my precious time, but don’t think twice, it’s all right. Anyway, moving on…

About a week ago we reported that the two prequels Ridley Scott was planning for his 1979 film Alien were going to be delayed by a year for reasons that were not divulged. But according to Vulture (via ScreenRant), not only is the project not delayed, but the rumors of it being two movies are completely false, as it’s set to only be one film.

Apparently these were simply echoes of an earlier rumor that Leonardo DiCaprio would be in the lead and that production was delayed because of the planned shooting for his Clint Eastwood-directed J. Edgar Hoover biopic. Obviously he’s not a member of the cast, so this rumor was simply a complete falsehood.

And apparently there’s a title for the thing, too. According to the same article it’s called Paradise. Not Alien: Paradise, just Paradise. I’m not exactly sure what the title could mean, but I would guess that it’s associated with the fact that this movie’s crew goes to the planet seen in the first film, and it…doesn’t end well for them. So it’s ironic, see?

As for casting, Noomi Rapace is thankfully still the frontrunner, and her character is said to be called “Elizabeth Shaw”, and from what has been said she’ll be very similar to the icnonic Sigourney Weaver character of Ripley who carried the franchise through all four films.. Other than her, there’s reportedly an android character named “David” who is supposed to be the early model for the Ian Holm character in the original. The favorite choice for the role was one of today’s best actors, Michael Fassbender, but his reps apparently wanted far too much money for the role. Considering his great talent, I’m hoping that he manages to get into the movie, because the presence of him and Rapace would certainly give the movie a more serious, mature feel than if they were to cast young flavor-of-the-month leads. There’s also work underway to find the actress for a character named “Vickers”, described as “fortysomething, tough-but-sexy”. The role is said to be considered for Michelle Yeoh, of Crouching Tiger fame. What most catches my attention is the part of “Engineer 1”, who is supposed to be six-foot-five but will be replaced by CGI in post-production. Why he’s this way is certainly up for debate; I certainly can’t’ imagine why that would be done.

What do you think of these updates? What has you excited, and what has you nervous?

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