The photo that some of Twitter recently freaked out about stems from a less-than-adorable sentence: “Bob found the dog in the trash.” So begins “Animal Rescue,” the Dennis Lehane-penned story from which Michaël R. Roskam‘s newest picture, The Drop, springs. We didn’t much care for this effort, unfortunately, saying that “aside from a few intense confrontations, [it’s] little more than a serviceable, surface-level crime drama” — but with Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini (in his final role), Noomi Rapace, and Matthias Schoenarts grouped together, there’s reason to at least check it our for yourself.

Before it arrives, take a peek at Lehane‘s short tale, which should offer some idea of what to expect in a brief amount of time. If you’re really interested in how many directions the author could take this one narrative — he also scripted The Drop — one can look over the first 40 pages of his novelization of the film / expansion of the original story below, thanks to Scribd. Like what you see? Buy the full endeavor, watch this non-embeddable press conference, then see The Drop when it begins its release on September 12.

What did you make of Lehane’s work? Do you plan to see the Roskam picture?

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