Update: Variety report that Molly Moon will also star Eddie Izzard, Joan Collins, Sadie Frost, Ben Miller (Johnny English Reborn, Primeval), Celia Imrie (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel), and Anne-Marie Duff (Nowhere Boy, The Last Station). The original story can be read below.

Roles in the Hunger Games franchise and a Terrence Malick film should be enough for Wes Bentley to get some credit these days — you’re appealing to everybody! — so, in that sense, I’m a little bit surprised the newly-reborn actor would do gritty horror, too. According to STYD, he and a group of several others — Francesca “Yes, my father is…” Eastwood, Michael Travino, Logan Huffman, and Connor Paolo — will be featured in The Final Girl, a thriller which gives Abigail Breslin the chance to maim some creepy punks.

As was first reported in May, photographer Tyler Shields will debut with a horror thriller centered on Loner Veronica (Breslin), a mysterious girl who exacts revenge on “a pack of feral teenage boys” that try to kill her. As it just so happens, Veronica is training to be an assassin who’s used them as her own test of strength — and ability to savagely kill someone, of course.

The three younger males will almost certainly be among the feral high school students; the other two’s involvement, given their age and gender, remains a little more unclear, if not at all detrimental. With these five getting into the swing of things alongside Breslin, anyway, The Final Girl will commence production next November.

In similar news, Variety report that Christopher Rowley will be directing Dominic Monaghan in Molly Moon, the adaptation of Georgia Bying‘s children’s novel. Both that and this new picture center on a young girl, Molly (Raffey Cassidy), who’s able to hypnotize others — a skill that gives her power but also brings about danger.

Monaghan is one part of that, playing a bank robber seeking a powerful hypnotism book owned by the titular character. While it’s unlikely he’ll, I don’t, murder the kid in order to obtain the thing, some hijinks should ensue — and they might even be kind of fun, too. It sounds a bit kiddy, all told, though I’ve liked the actor for more than ten years — from The Lord of the Rings to Lost, with some other things peppered throughout — to not dismiss this one right off the bat.

Does The Final Girl improve its outlook with these new cast members? What do you think of Monaghan doing Molly Moon?

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