After both Olivier Assayas and Abbas Kiarostami struck gold with their latest cinematic ventures, the former on last year’s acclaimed historical epic Carlos and the latter with the upcoming Certified Copy, which has been making waves at various film festivals over the past year. The fact that they’ll be doing something new right away should get you excited, and we have French Company MK2 Productions to thank for that — they’ll be handling the French distribution and international sales of both.

Variety tells us that Assayas‘ next film is Apres mai, which in English translates to Something in the Air. Following an eighteen-year-old in 1970’s France, who is dealing with the “rapid social change and political activism begun in the late ’60s,” it’s said to “turn on the difficulties of freedom.” While predominately in French, English and Italian dialogue will also be present. Additionally, Nathaniel Karmitz, the lead of MK2, said that “it’s not a French story; it’s about the world in the ’70s.” Make of that what you will.

There are less details on Kiarostami‘s film, but we do know that he’s next working on The End, a Japanese-language film focusing on “a contemporary relationship in today’s Japan,” described as something of a “continuation of Certified Copy.” Starring Aoi Miyazaki, it’s shooting on location in Japan next year.

Both are great directors, whose latest works I’ve yet to see and anticipate heavily (Carlos is now on Watch Instantly in its full version, so I’ll have to check it out soon). Their output has made my anticipation justifiable, but also leads to a more painful waiting process. But, best of all, we could see these new films show up as early as Cannes 2012 — a lot closer than you think.

What do you think of them working on new films? Are you a fan of their past work?

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