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Second Trailer For Michael Mann’s ‘Blackhat’ Puts Chris Hemsworth In Danger

As we seek out the year’s notable releases to conclude 2014 in cinema, we have to say there’s one film on the horizon that we’re looking forward to more than anything else forthcoming in December. It might be a strange release date for the caliber of talent involved, but Michael Mann‘s first film in more […]


Jason Statham Gambles, Takes Revenge In First Trailer For ‘Wild Card’

This Thanksgiving weekend, we’re certainly thankful for Jason Statham, an action star like few others these days, one who manages to entertain regardless of the overall quality of his films. While his biggest profile project next year will certainly be as the villain of Furious 7, he still has a few more actioners in the bag, […]


Sean Penn Gets His Own ‘Taken’ In First Trailer For ‘The Gunman’

If the formula works, why break it? After helping Liam Neeson find newfound action stardom with Taken, director Pierre Morel is hoping to do the same for Sean Penn. The Gunman puts more than a few firearms in the hands of the actor in, surprisingly, his first action role thus far. Ahead of a spring […]


New Trailer For ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2′ Tries to Fix the Future

Ripped out of its awards-qualifying release date of Christmas Day, Paramount will now release Hot Tub Time Machine 2 earlier next year. While the new slot is perhaps more fitting for the material, after comedy sequel duds like Dumber and Dumber To and Horrible Bosses 2 this fall, this is easily looking like the most promising […]


New Full-Length Trailer For ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Rolls In

Looking at the slate of next year’s franchise entries there’s surely enough retreads to go around the table, but one that has some major promise is George Miller’s return to the action genre with Mad Max: Fury Road. After a thrilling, extensive preview made up of Comic-Con footage from earlier this summer, Warner Bros. have now delivered a new […]


New Trailer For Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ Goes Beyond the Emotions

While the first trailer for Pixar’s latest animation, Inside Out, mostly relied on their past filmography to sell things, only hinting briefly at the backdrop of what’s to come in their next film, today we have a much-improved full-length trailer which takes a better look at the human aspect. Exploring the emotions inside the mind […]


Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain Discuss Their Craft as U.K. Trailer For ‘A Most Violent Year’ Arrives

While we’re clearly not as enthused as some when it comes to J.C. Chandor‘s period drama A Most Violent Year, one will likely walk away impressed by the lead performance from Oscar Isaac. Co-starring in the film with Jessica Chastain, their history goes back much farther as they both attended Juilliard to train as actors. They’ve […]


First Trailer For ‘The Little Prince,’ From the Director of ‘Kung Fu Panda’

As we reflect on the great animations that have arrived this year, it seems as though it’s already time to put one of next year’s firmly into our anticipated column. Arriving on our radar today is The Little Prince, a new animated feature that comes from Mark Osborne, the director behind Kung Fu Panda. Based on Antoine […]


Paranoia Rises In New Trailer and Batch of TV Spots For ‘Inherent Vice’

If five minutes from the film weren’t enough, even more new footage from Paul Thomas Anderson‘s Inherent Vice has made its way online, thanks to another trailer and trio of TV spots. While only New York and Los Angeles will be getting the film this weekend, the new trailer highlights that a handful of cities […]


The Rock Faces an Earthquake In First Trailer For ‘San Andreas’

Dwayne Johnson has faced many foes throughout his career, but the most unwieldy will arrive this summer with San Andreas. Re-teaming with his Journey 2 director Brad Peyton, they’ve graduated from family adventures to summer tentpoles with the WB project that pits The Rock against a California-set earthquake. Also starring Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario, Ioan […]

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