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Trailer for ‘God Help the Girl,’ the Directorial Debut of Belle & Sebastian Frontman Stuart Murdoch

Well-versed in the world of music, Belle & Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch recently embarked on a journey in a new medium, that of filmmaking. After crafting a concept album based on the same material, Murdoch wrote and directed God Help the Girl, which revolves around Cass (Hannah Murray) as she becomes the protege to James (Olly […]


‘The One I Love’ Trailer – Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass Get Away, Chaos Ensues

Something occurs in the first act of The One I Love, a new romantic drama from Charlie McDowell, that changes the entire dynamic of the film. Thankfully, the distributors are smart/bold enough as to not spoil in the first trailer for the feature, which finds Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass retreating to re-spark their love. […]


First Trailer For Xavier Dolan’s Cannes Winner ‘Mommy’

While we’re still waiting on U.S. distribution for Xavier Dolan‘s last film, Tom at the Farm, the director premiered his latest work, Mommy, at Cannes this year, where he shared the prestigious honor with Jean-Luc Godard for the Jury Prize. Following a widowed single mother who is raising her violent son alone and finds new […]


Trailer For Michael Bay and Jason Blum-Produced ‘Ouija’ Communicates With the Dead

With the Paranormal Activity franchise pulling out of its Halloween spot again this year, it means producer Jason Blum has swooped in with an alternative offering looking to snatch up the dollars of those that need some scares. Ouija teams him with producer Michael Bay as we follow a group of kids that are attempting to communicate […]


Trailer For Lynn Shelton’s ‘Laggies’ Finds Keira Knightley Bonding With Chloe Grace Moretz

Returning to Sundance this year, Lynn Shelton delivered her highest-profile feature yet, Laggies. Starring Keira Knightley, Chloë Grace Moretz, Sam Rockwell, and more, it follows our lead as a perpetual adolescent in her late 20′s who gets proposed to but freaks out and decides to retreat to the home of a new friend, played by […]

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‘The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears’ Trailer Pays Tribute to Giallo Cinema

If you’re even the slightest bit familiar with Italy’s Giallo cinema — for the quickest of references: Dario Argento — a number of things are to be recognized in this trailer for The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears. The Amer duo of Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani have taken on the horror subgenre, their […]


First Trailers For ‘Rio, I Love You,’ From Directors Behind ‘City of God,’ ‘The Great Beauty,’ and More

Perhaps a release would have been better-timed around prime World Cup fever, but it looks like Rio, I Love You will be arriving in its native city this September and today the first trailers have landed. Following up the metropolis-centered projects Paris, je t’aime and New York, I Love You, the producers head to Brazil’s […]


Benicio Del Toro is Pablo Escobar In First Teaser For ‘Paradise Lost’

Taking part in the next films from Paul Thomas Anderson, Denis Villeneuve, and Terrence Malick, it’s safe to say Benicio Del Toro is returning in a big way the next few years (not to mention some major exposure in Guardians of the Galaxy). Another title that’ll be premiering this fall is Paradise Lost and today the first teaser […]


Full Trailer For Disney’s Marvel Animation ‘Big Hero 6′

While last year’s Frozen saw Disney somewhat return to a more classic form of storytelling, their next animation brings them to the future. Based on the Marvel comics by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau, Big Hero 6 follows robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada, who learns to harness his genius—thanks to his brilliant brother Tadashi and their […]


Daniel Radcliffe Grows ‘Horns’ In First Teaser Trailer For Alexandre Aja’s Latest

After delivering buckets of blood with Piranha 3D, director Alexandre Aja looks to be pulling back a little with his latest feature, Horns. Starring Daniel Radcliffe, who is clearly look to break away from the blockbuster world after Harry Potter, the story follows his character who, after a night of intense drinking filled with only […]

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