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Watch: Three Early Roman Polanski Shorts Hint at Career to Come

Posted by , on January 2, 2013 at 2:17 pm 

When mostly-unseen work from one of our best living filmmakers makes its way online, you better damn give it your free time. That, today, is the case for Roman Polanski — maybe one of the best directors to ever live, if you break that whole game down — as Cinephilia & Beyond have provided a video which collects three early shorts, all of which hint at his future thematic interests. (They’re even a fun watch, too.)

Presented here are the silent, black-and-white works Murder, Teeth Smile, and The Lamp. The first’s use of color-free apartment spaces spiced with violence should instantly get you in the mood to watch Repulsion; the second’s mix of voyeurism and humor, for me, brought to mind his absolutely insane thriller Bitter Moon (even though there’s nothing in this “story” which serves as an echo); and the final entry, also the longest, is about a creator who ends up destroying his own work. When it comes to self-destruction and Polanski, inadvertent or not, you have your pick of the litter to make some auteurist connection.

Watch them all below:

Roman Polanski will return to theaters later this year, when we can expect a release of his stage adaptation Venus in Fur.

Are these an interesting peek into what Polanski would tackle later in his career? Did you enjoy them as is?

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