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Watch: Paul Thomas Anderson Talks ‘The Master’ In One-Hour Discussion

Posted by , on November 26, 2012 at 1:20 pm 

The Master‘s been out of (most) American theaters for, say, at least a couple of weeks, but the discussion and debate rages on. So as the film hits international markets and more discover this wonderful achievement, those with a keen ear are being granted a) additional pieces of great writing on the film, as well as b) new interviews with writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson. If as much hasn’t already been made clear, what follows is decisively in the latter camp.

Following their premiere in Melbourne, Australia, the Astor Theater held an in-depth, one-hour discussion with the aforementioned (pardon) Master himself; of course, a video of this event is provided for your pleasure. Although I’ve yet to even go past the ten-minute mark yet, what’s already been covered manages to feel fresh — an amazing feat when something is as well-covered as The Master — while, moreover, also illuminating into Anderson‘s creative process. We might not get many more of these, even in an endless awards season, so I’d recommend diving in right now.

You can watch the full discussion below:

Were you engaged by the discussion?

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