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Watch: Drake Doremus’ Complete Web Series ‘The Beauty Inside’ With Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Posted by , on September 23, 2012 at 12:13 pm 

While we’re waiting for Drake Doremus‘ follow-up to Like Crazy, which he shot last summer with Guy Pearce and Felicity Jones, another treat from the director has arrived. In the middle of the summer we tipped you off to a social media film Doremus was helming, in participation with Intel and Toshiba. Titled The Beauty Inside, it features voiceover from Topher Grace and appearances from Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Criminal Minds star Matthew Gray Gubler and….you?

The casting called for anyone online to submit auditions and as you can see in the six episode web series — which is now complete — many made the cut, as the film compiles videos from all over the world, mixed in with Doremus’ professionally shot footage. The project follows a mid-twenties Los Angeles man who wakes up looking like someone else everyday. On this lazy Sunday, this isn’t a bad way to spend 40 minutes, so check it all out below, with a tip from The Playlist.

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