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Warner Bros. Don ‘Chainmail’ With ‘Wrath of the Titans’ Scribe

Posted by , on September 18, 2012 at 6:10 pm 

Having your name on Wrath of the Titans might create some bad mojo around town, but screenwriter David Leslie Johnson is chugging along at Warner Bros. It might only be fair to give him another shot at making something of quality, too, when you remember that he, in working there, was doing so under strict control, being forced to contend with a preceding movie nobody really liked in the first place. The man’s at least got Orphan to his name, and that’s a film many have grown to appreciate for its gonzo spin on one of horror’s more familiar set-ups.

All needed evidence of his continuing exploits lay at TheWrap, who report that he’ll be joined with Vertigo Entertainment’s Roy Lee and John Middleton to create the adventure-fantasy Chainmail. These collected parties are playing sort of fast and loose with this one, only connecting Johnson‘s script — something which was written as part of a blind creation deal — to a Dungeons and Dragons activity of the same name.

Looking up the game, it sounds as though this is using a basic fantasy contingent of knights, grunts, and dragons to create what is, God willing, a more original story. But, it also being a story we know absolutely nothing about, the judgements will have to wait for the facts.

Is there any sort of impression embedded onto yourself when reading about this project?

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