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Toby Hemingway & Josh Pence In Talks For ‘The Silent Thief’

Posted by , on June 18, 2011 at 6:24 pm 

Variety lets us know that the upcoming indie film The Silent Thief - directed by Jennifer Clary and written by her, Kevin Haberer, and Chris Sapp -  has two young actors in negotiations for roles. One is Toby Hemingway, who recently appeared in Black Swan, and has a role in Andrew Niccol‘s In Time. The other actor is Josh Pence, the unseen Winklevoss in The Social Network and a young Ra’s al Ghul in 2012′s The Dark Knight Rises.

The plot of the movie follows “a drifter who descends upon a family in crisis and suggests an odd solution: he’ll take their biological son’s place in the family unit.” This plan begins to falter, however, when his attempts at fitting in hurt others. Filmofilia has some more information on the movie, saying that the lead character is named Brennan Marley, and that he “rents a room from the Henderson family under false fronts,” using his “conciliatory skills to ingratiate himself with each particular family member before Mike returns from college.”

Hemingway would play Marley, while Pence is being sought for the role of the “best friend and secret boyfriend” of a closeted athlete, who will be portrayed by Cody Longo. Scout Taylor-Compton - best known for her parts in Rob Zombie‘s Halloween films and The Runaways - has been cast as Elise Henderson, and Modern Family actor Reid Ewing will have a cameo. It sounds like it has the makings of a decent thriller, and it might end up being above average when compared to most of the offerings in the genre.

Production should begin in Los Angeles at the end of July, with Clary and Haberer producing through their company, Jenkev Prods.

Do you like the plot description? What do you think of these actors for leads?

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