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Paul Feig and Channing Tatum Circle Gay Romantic Comedy; Jay Baruchel Boards Cameron Crowe Project

Posted by , on October 11, 2013 at 3:59 pm 

Never quite content to simply rest on his financial and critical laurels, Paul Feig is, instead, hoping to give the studio comedy something of a well-deserved kick in the pants. As he prepares a true-to-its-trappings female-led spy comedy, Susan Cooper, CinemaBlend nabbed a rather intriguing bit of development news: as of right now, the Heat director is looking to pair Channing Tatum and a new SNL cast member, John Milhiser, on a gay romantic comedy predicated on the idea of an everyday gay man incapable of understanding his luck in nabbing such a hunk.

A promise to “turn the genre on its head” is enticing, certainly, though it’d be optimal to have more concrete information before stating, for ourselves, that a romantic comedy, merely from its leanings, could be something of a game-changer. Nevertheless, Feig‘s titles are often satisfyingly humorous — so, with that, I’ll hold out some hope. Further good news on his front: Jason Statham will take part in the Melissa McCarthy-led Susan Cooper, to be seen as “a badass whose quick exit is foiled when his jacket pocket gets caught on a door handle, pulling him back and knocking him out.”

There’s more casting bits from THR, who inform us that Jay Baruchel will take a coveted step-brother role in Cameron Crowe‘s untitled, in-production comedy led by Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Alec Baldwin, and this recent addition’s own This Is the End co-star, Danny McBride. The writer-director’s new effort concerns a military contractor (Cooper) asked to launch a military satellite over Hawaii — a task requiring him to work alongside a liaison (Stone) tasked with obtaining approval from the island’s spiritual leaders. (To this longstanding description, THR add that “[m]ystical island forces and a talking computer also play a part.”) The role played by our protagonist’s step-brother remains to be seen.

Finally, Deadline tell us Nicole Kidman has taken full possession of A.S.A. Harrison‘s recent novel, The Silent Wife, planning to both produce and lead a screen adaptation. Her own Blossom Films will support alongside financiers Mazur/Kaplan, telling the story of “an affluent Chicago couple,” Jodi and Todd, whose 20-year marriage is in a shaky state when he takes up infidelity — leading her down a path that may offer no way back to normal, everyday life.

Wife may sound like standard thriller material, though strong reviews and at least one intriguing conceit — telling the story in chapters that alternate viewpoints throughout — give the project a bit of extra credence. As of now, no director, screenwriter, or fellow stars are attached.

Which of the noted titles are you hoping to see cross the finish line?

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