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Kristen Stewart To Become A Martyr For ‘Twilight’ Producer?

Posted by , on June 14, 2010 at 11:24 am 

It was reported a while ago that the French horror film, Martyrs would be getting a US remake. Now, thanks the The Playlist we get news that the producer of the remake, Wyck Godfrey (Twilight, Dear John) is hoping Kristen Stewart (Twilight, The Runaways) will star in the film.

For those not familiar with the title, Martyrs is an extremely bloody and violent French horror film that follows much in the same vein as other French horror films like Inside, High Tension and Frontiers. I have seen the French version of Martyrs and while I didn’t think it was that great it was certainly extremely bloody and violent, emphasis on the extremely.

Somehow I can’t see this film going over well with American audiences and the film would certainley need a big actress like Stewart to help reel them in. I can easily see the remake being far less violent and gory than its French counterpart and if that is the case, it would lose the whole feel of the original.

What do you think of this? Will the remake be any good? Should Stewart star?

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