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Johnny Depp to Play a Supercomputer in Christopher Nolan-Produced ‘Transcendence’

Posted by , on December 12, 2012 at 8:30 am 

If you read that headline and went “…huh?”, you’re not alone. The Wrap reports that Johnny Depp is on board to play a supercomputer in Transcendence, a science fiction film from executive producer Christopher Nolan. The movie, which will mark cinematographer Wally Pfister‘s first time behind the camera, is being kept under the wraps but the basic plot can be read below.

A scientist named Will (Depp) is murdered by anti-technology terrorists and his wife uploads his brain into a computer; soon enough Will is reborn in the machine and finds the ability to communicate through it, allowing him to continue conducting his research. Interesting. Details on Transcendence first appeared back in October, which also listed the possibility of Depp’s casting as well as other potential stars (Christian Bale, Tobey Maguire, and James McAvoy being the big ones). Depp is so far the only one officially cast.

Transcendence sounds like the sort of high-concept original movie that multiplexes are tragically short on and given the A-level talent involved I think it’s pretty safe to start getting excited about this one. I know I am.

What are your thoughts on Transcendence thus far? Time to get excited or too soon to form an opinion?

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