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Watch: IFC Deliver the Goods with Clips from ‘Like Someone in Love’ and ‘Frances Ha’

Posted by , on February 12, 2013 at 8:40 pm 

Unless you’ve been lucky enough to partake in Film Society’s amazing repertory series, it is this Friday when Abbas Kiarostami comes back into theaters. In the midst of both a sudden reappraisal and enjoyable artistic investigation — these sorts of events can have that effect — we mustn’t lose sight of its center: Like Someone in Love.

As a sign of pending release, a pair of clips have debuted at The New York Times and ThePlaylist. Regardless of how much I’m anticipating this film, I think I’ll skip these for myself: unless we’re talking about a video essay, it doesn’t seem at all proper to ingest Kiarostami with entire scenes presented as a single piece. (Part of this sentiment could stem from having just seen a back-to-back-to-back presentation of his sublime Koker Trilogy.) Patience is a virtue with this man in more ways than one.

But, if you can’t wait for Like Someone in Love to hit theaters and VOD on Friday, have a look for yourself:

That’s not all we have from IFC, however. Our first moving peek at Noah Baumbach‘s black-and-white, Greta Gerwig-starring Frances Ha is here, and, though brief, is a nice thing to gaze upon nonetheless. I’ll admit that the 40-second footage doesn’t actually offer much to discuss off the bat, so it’s best to just watch for yourself; unlike Love, this is probably okay without any set-up.

Frances Ha will open in limited release on May 17th. A preview can be seen below (via Apple):

Which clip(s) do you prefer? Are you looking forward to either film?

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