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Gareth Evans Provides Sketch of ‘The Raid’ Sequel’s Villain

Posted by , on August 15, 2012 at 10:00 am 

With The Raid: Redemption (repeatedly and violently) hitting Blu-ray this week, Gareth Evans has taken an ample opportunity to tease his follow-up to this year’s action fest, Berandal. (We’ve already been informed that, in America, it’ll go out as The Raid: Retaliation. It’s all the same.) The director went on Twitter and sent out a sketch he’s made of Hammer Girl, a character who would, presumably, act as one of the movie’s central antagonists.

You can take a peek at the design below:

Very simple stuff, though a) that’s not an off-the-bat bad thing, and b) the physical manifestation of this image is only one of many important aspects when it comes to making Hammer Girl a formidable enemy; how she works her way through hordes of fighters is another, and I’m certainly not the person to visualize it. Perhaps I still need to see The Raid — I know: this makes me a terrible person, what am I even doing here, and so on — before making any other judgements. But, hey, with a quick trip to Best Buy, I should be an expert in no time.

Is this a strong start to the peeks at Berandal?

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