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First Poster for ‘Piranha 3D’

Posted by , on June 23, 2010 at 1:31 pm 

Some filmmakers are taking 3D in the direction of “gimmick”. While there are those who would argue that 3D serves as nothing but a gimmick at any point, the new way of filming movies has its supporters who would disagree. It seems that Alexandre Aja is someone who is embracing it as a gimmick.

I say this having looked at the poster and seen the trailer for his newest film, Piranha 3D. This is not going to be a subtle use of the format. If we can all accept that as a fact, then maybe we can enjoy this poster, which come to us from Dimension Films’ Twitter page (via FirstShowing). It can be viewed below in all of its in-your-face-glory.

So, nobody looks at that poster and thinks “Oscar”…at least I would hope not. Regardless, if you can accept this as being a throwback to the crazy horror films of years past that uses 3D to throw everything at the audience, then maybe enjoyment can be derived from such a film. Otherwise, I don’t know why one would even bother.

What do you think of this poster and of the marketing for Piranha 3D?

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