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[Exclusive] David Twohy Talks Riddick 3 And The Brazilian Job

Posted by , on January 18, 2010 at 12:35 am 

I recently conducted an interview with director/screenwriter David Twohy where we mostly discussed the Blu-ray release of A Perfect Getaway, but of course I just had to ask about the third Riddick film. A while back there was a rumor — started by Vin Diesel — that location scouting was going on in New Zealand. Understandably, people doubted it. But according to Twohy, it is one hundred percent true, but as you’ll see in his response he’s being somewhat “coy,” but at least he was nice enough to confirm that scouting has taken place. He also said that The Brazilian Job may not happen, but that’s not much of a surprise.

On the next Riddick film:

“Yes, there is an update on Riddick.  Yes, we did scout New Zealand. And yes, I’m being intentionally coy.”

And here’s an update on The Brazilian Job:

“Brazilian Job probably isn’t happening.  I wrote it years ago, and they just keep rolling it over on IMDB.  Paramount — what can I say?”

Make sure to be on the look out for the full interview at DVD Talk.

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