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‘District 9′ Screenwriter Adapting Trilogy of Books

Posted by , on February 17, 2011 at 8:10 pm 

The world of young adult fantasy fiction is so expansive that it’s easy to lose track of. So, I don’t mean it as a slant of any kind against the Trylle Trilogy of books by Amanda Hocking when I say that before today, and before reading the news I’m about to present to you, that I had never heard of them. So…the Trylle Trilogy of books by Amanda Hocking could be getting made into a movie!

That adaptation would also be a trilogy (this is obvious both because the books are such and it’s also customary for new movie franchises to follow that formula), and all three films will have a credible name on their screenplay. And, according to the author’s official site (via /Film), the name is Terri Tatchell; the name may not ring any bells, but if you read this site, then you’ve probably seen something she’s worked on. After all, she was nominated for an Academy Award for District 9, so she’s not what you’d consider an “unknown,” even if you don’t recognize her right away.

The books in the series are as follows: Switched, Torn and Ascend. They follow Wendy Everly, who was almost killed by her mother when she was six, due to her belief that she was a monster. Now at the age of seventeen, she learns that she may in fact be one. Male character Finn Holmes is supposed to introduce her to a new world, and while I did kind of spoil the entire story for myself by reading about it, I won’t do that for you. Basically, I’ll sum this up by saying that this sounds much more interesting than something like, say…Twilight, because I get the feeling it’ll actually take its concept to interesting places. I liked District 9, although the scripting work on that left things to be desired, so I think that Tatchell is kind of an unproven talent (at least for me), so the jury’s still out on her. But, we’ll just wait and see.

What do you think of Tatchell adapting these books? Have you read any of them before?

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