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Derek Connolly Continues Disney Streak with New Pixar Project

Posted by , on November 29, 2012 at 3:03 pm 

Well, if it isn’t just Derek Connolly week over here. Only two days following a big announcement — one saying he and Colin Trevorrow, who directed his script, Safety Not Guaranteed, would springboard Disney’s Flight of the Navigator remake — something of even greater potential is hitting the forefront. This lucky bloke even has The Mouse House at his support again, for Pete’s sake.

The news, from Variety, is that Connolly will be scripting a new feature for Pixar and Teddy Newton (the Toy Story 3 pre-empting short Day and Night), about which, of course, almost nothing is being leaked. Even the creative process, a sort of spoiler-free thing, is only alluded to briefly; the writer shared that Pixar a) keep him around a long time to strike something, and b) advised him “not to dumb it down or treat animation like it’s for kids.” Not a surprise for that company (save for a recent movie… or the one before that), if you know much about them, which only kind of makes the inclusion irrelevant.

But I’ve really got nothing else here, besides a tinge of satisfaction — tinge, mind you — that a different voice is, once again, being allowed to chime in. Then there’s the whole thing, too about Newton — author of my favorite Pixar short to date — getting a big job for himself, but I’ll wait for whatever he has in the works, hopeful as I am.

What do you think of Connolly making an alliance with Pixar?

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