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‘Dr. Who’ Star David Tennant Rumored to Join ‘Fast Six’

Posted by , on May 3, 2012 at 10:09 pm 

Although the occasional rumors — and, more importantly, Fast Five‘s post-credit sequence — indicated that Fast Six would transplant its action to the lovely city of Berlin, Germany, this slight influx of British casting almost has me thinking differently. (“Almost,” since I don’t ever think about the Fast and Furious franchise.) Jason Statham was, at one point, the big pick to play an accented bad guy; Luke Evans is now being targeted to take up that part for himself, but another performer from across the pond is also in the casting fray.

LatinoReview have learned that David Tennant (Dr. Who) is speaking with director Justin Lin — over Skype, no less — about taking… some kind of role in the sequel. Specifics in that department are not for us, unfortunately, but we can make a couple of guesses. If, for instance, Evans is playing Fast Six‘s villain, that would either vacate some space and have Tennant on the side of our racing heroes, or see him working with that character.

Remember when I said I didn’t think about this franchise all that much? I guess rules were made to be broken. (I only said that because it sounds like a line from one of these movies.) Either way, Tennant‘s proven himself as a talent in the past, and his addition here wouldn’t be something I could object to.

Fast Six opens on May 24th, 2013.

Would you like to see Tennant join this franchise?

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