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Cannes Directors Rumored, Including Terrence Malick & Wong Kar Wai

Posted by , on December 9, 2010 at 8:08 pm 

If you’re a film lover and don’t feel the desire to go to the Cannes Film Festival then you’re really not much of a film lover at all. And one of the many reasons this is true is because of the great lineup they’ve got there. And the first names announced of who will be there next May are almost unanimously the names of greats.

It was tweeted by Cédric Succivalli, known as a “Cannes insider” (found by GordonandtheWhale) that some of the filmmakers we can expect there are Wong Kar Wai, Pedro Almodovar, Lynne Ramsay, Paolo Sorrentino, Lars von Trier, Virginie Despentes and Terrence Malick. You don’t even have to like all of those people (I don’t) to not be excited by their presence in the South of France in about five months.

Of course Malick is finally showing The Tree of Life which we heavily expected to be there this year, and we’re also seeing Almodovar present The Skin That I Inhabit, von Trier will be there with Melancholia, Sorrentino is premiering This Must Be the Place, Wai is showing The Grandmasters, Despentes will be letting the world see her second film titled Bye Bye Blondie, and last but not least, Ramsay will have We Need to Talk About Kevin.

It’s a cinephiles true festival, and I would probably kill your family just to go. Malick will of course be the big draw, but I would expect there to be some controversy around Melancholia, as it’s from the man who brought Antichrist to the same festival in 2009 and caused the place to be turned on its head. All in all, this is quite the lineup and is even more amazing when you take into account the fact that this is just a small piece of all the movies and directors we can expect. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see how next year’s festival turns out.

Cannes Film Festival takes place in May.

What do you think of these directors showing up to Cannes? Would you want to go to the festival?

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