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‘Alice in Wonderland’ Sequel Coming from ‘The Lion King’ Writer

Posted by , on December 7, 2012 at 5:02 pm 

There’s really nothing to be said about Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland. Although the film raked in around $1 billion across the worldwide box office, most took the film as a dull and drab effort that couldn’t really do anything right — even its large intake was a mystery to many. But it still made money.

It’s sort of amazing, then, that it took nearly three years for us to reach this point. Variety tell us the original film’s scribe, Linda Woolverton (The Lion King, The Beauty and the Beast), has been tapped by Disney to pen some kind of follow-up, presumably one which would bring back the likes of Mia Wasikowska‘s Alice and Johnny Depp‘s Mad Hatter — certainly the latter, given how he was front and center in the marketing — or, maybe, even Tim Burton. There’s sure to be a nice payday in the work.

Producers Joe Roth, Suzanne Todd, and Jennifer Todd will be coming back, but to what effect that may have — well, I’m in no position to posit a guess. Do I even care? It’s a Friday afternoon and I’ve already seen Django Unchained, so a follow-up to Alice in Wonderland, about which we know nothing, can’t hold my attention. Sorry!

Any interest here? Any point, actually?

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